New York

Per Section 107(5) of the New York State Agriculture and Marketing Law, BSL is illegal in New York. Has your municipality enacted a ban in violation of this law? Elected Officials are sworn to uphold the Constitution of the State of New York, including this law.

We OPPOSE the NYCHA Breed Ban. The NYC Department of Housing will have New Yorkers believe they are not in violation of Section 107(5) of the New York State Agriculture and Marketing Law by banning over a dozen types and breeds of dogs from public housing in New York City, including the American Pit Bull Terrier. We say otherwise. If you are facing eviction or have been the victim of harassment due to the type of dog you have in public housing, contact us. We will refer you to an attorney to fight for your rights.

We OPPOSE NY Assembly Bill A11070 which requires the micro-chipping of all dogs, excluding temporarily keptdogs; and creates a state registry “to maintain contact information”.

Bravo to our our friend and representative in the New York State Senate, Marty Golden (R-Brooklyn) for supporting legislative efforts to create an animal abuse registry, much like the sex offender registry, in New York State. Animal abusers move on to spousal, elder, and child abuse, and show patterns that lead to becoming serial killers. It is every citizen’s responsibility to recognize and report animal abuse and the authorities’ duty to prosecute such crimes to the full extent of the law. Read more about S. 3804.